"This book is written by Shri A.K. Sinha jee. It’s a labour of love, it is something which has come from his heart. This book has a lot of tips and guidance given for those children who are not doing well today. Parent like Shri A.K. Sinha jee guides other students also which actually represent the great tradition of Indian Culture. I congratulate him for bringing such book out which will not only help students but also their parents. I wish him all the success in the endeavor"

Prof. Vijay A. Singh
National coordinator Science Olympiad, HBCSE, TIFR.

"The book which Sinha jee has written, I think this book will help those who read not only to improve their hard skills but also the soft skill and this book will be very inspiring to everyone. Sinha jee had put in his heart and soul in writing this book. Not only children but parents will also feel motivated to do much better than what they are today and explore their potential to the maximum extent”. Congratulations you for making a contribution to the society by publishing a book on a topic which can bring about transformation in the way we bring up our children "

Dr. Chandan Chowdhury
Managing Director (India Geo), New Delhi

"I found the book unique and different than normal motivational books available in the market because it is filled with Many inspiring stories and personal experiences to face the real life challenges by students & parents. Many study techniques ,lists of books and competitive exams ,experiences of successful students and your own experiences as parent which will guarantee student’s success if followed with devotion and discipline . Book touches every aspect of student’s life and inspires student to become globally successful. I congratulate you for writing A Handbook for students & parents for successful management of academic activities. "

Scientific Officer –H, BARC, Tarapur.

"Congratulations. I pray for the continued success and prosperity of you and your family. I heard a lot about your very eloquent speech on that occasion for over 45 minutes which had the audience spell bound. I am proud of that. "

Former Executive Director (Operations), NPCIL

"Vidyarthi Ki Safalta Ke Dus Gurumantra" released by Dr. R. K. Sinha, Chairman, AEC and Secretary, DAE and dedication of the book to students by Shri K.C. Purohit, CMD, NPCIL, will be in the memory of people of Bihar and remind the talent of Nalanda University. Your lecture on Youtube and at your website are found to be very impressive. The book will really explore the hidden talents in the children and make them think positive, feel positive and act positive for achieving the target and utilize their brains for constructive work to develop our nation. This book will help in improving the thinking and character of the youngsters, parents and teachers to have brilliant student force and talented citizens to maintain our nation self reliance and clean and healthy society "

Sohail Ahmad Khan
Scientific Officer (G), Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)

"Congratulations Sir! I am really impressed by your great social attitudes and visions towards the welfare of the society. I really appreciate your significant contribution to the society, by writing such a nice book for the students and their parent. It is really an admirable effort. I congratulate you again and again"

Additonal Chief Engineer (C & I), NPCIL

"I am deeply delighted because of your presence and the tips for competitive as well as life-enhancement. The way of connecting the pupil also taught me the new dimension of pedagogy. Your experience, not only that, your connection with Legend H.C.Verma, not only that your conviction for students overall development not only that, your the visits to world-famous universities not only that the books you have authored all are inspiring. I think this is a memorable event in my life. Thanks for all. Hope for the guidance in the future. "

Mr. Satish Ramesh Saraf
Physics Teacher, B.C.A. and Jr. College Walchandnagar.